Indian puppets

Popularly known as Rajasthan’s Kathputlis, these puppets are really colorful, with enhanced eyes and are visually captivating.

Once used as a powerful way to educate and entertain, these now wait for international tourists to be picked up at street shops of tourist destinations


Love story of penguins explained

Did you know that when penguin finds its mate they stay together forever? When they meet, they just know and live together forever. Some say that they “propose” with a pebble.

Ellen DeGeneres has something to say on this:

“I have just learned that penguins are monogamous for life, which doesn’t really surprise me at all that much because they all look exactly alike. It’s not like they are going to meet a better looking penguin someday”


White araliya flowers

Also known as Plumeria and frangipani, these flowers  are seen world wide – In India, Srilanka, Philippines and Indonesia, New zealand, Cook Islands, South America and so on.

It is really fascinating how different cultures use these:

Srilanka – Plumeria is really common and is used for worshiping Lord Buddha

India – it is used for temple rituals and can find these very common for decoration in spas. In some culture, it is used in marriage ceremonies. In Bengal, eastern part of India, plumeria are related to death.

Philippines and Indonesia – Plumeria are grown on cemetries

In modern Polynesian culture, the frangipani can be worn by women to indicate their relationship status – over the right ear if seeking a relationship, and over the left if taken.